It feel like…!

Dancing on quads in mid-70'sDancing!Yes,correct answer is dancing!So few days ago,as I was walking down the Fifth Av. and listening to music from 70’s,i was thinking about music in clubs in general,everywhere you can hear just Lady Gaga,Rihanna or just a sentence from Sak Noel’s song:…Johnny,la gente estan muy loca.And isn’t it wrong?Because,there’s a lot of good music to listen,to dance,like in 70’s.There I took my inspiration,for today’s post.

Close your eyes and imagine people dancing on quad-roller-skates,dancing to old songs from 70’s,dressed like Farrah Fawcett from Charlies Angeles(I mean original-Charlie’s Angels,not those modern ones).If is your imagination bad,let me to help you a little.Yessurr!