Nova Jazz & Blues Festival 2011

Hello everybody!

Yesterday and day before yesterday I was at greatest jazz fest.It was AWESOME,AMAZING,GORGEOUS,SPLENDID and another thousand words fit for this.I wanted to make a video for y’all but videocameras and cameras weren’t allowed.Anyway,some poople toke videos.SO here this

I stood in the first row and I touched Jamie Cullum…Amazing feelin,ladies!

Who I recomend?Well Erykah Badu made the best show ever,Jamie Cullum has the clearest voice,Jestofunk made me feel dance,Aloe Blacc made me smile.Ben L’Oncle Soul made cry because she sung song from Amy called ‚Valerie‘.R:I.P. Amy.

And here are the videos…Some from Wiesen,some not….