Analog life

som jeden z tých strarých duší, ktoré nezanevreli na fotenie na film. Vlastne ma to baví ešte viac, než fotenie na digitál. Niektorí to milujú a iní nenávidia, ale ja hovorím, že analóg zachytáva emóciu, tak som sa rozhodla sa s Vami podeliť o svoj život zachytený na filme.

i am one of those old souls, that are still shooting analog ( on a  35mm film) actually, it’s even more interesting than shooting on a digital camera. some people love it, some hate it, but I keep saying that analog is capturing emotion and so I decided to share a little bit of my analog life.

here are the photos from one night in one of the New York‘ s most popular night clubs. It was so crazy, like when you step in to the lady gaga’s videoclips. actually, she has taken all the elements from this disco. i believ, that for one night i was the part of tremendous atmosphere. good underground house that joined together gays, straight, ugly and beautiful people. this is studio 54 of this age.



Song-of-the-day #43

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Listen up to that girl vocals!I totally love it.And Totally Enourmous Extinct Dinosaurs(kinda hard to remember,Lady Gaga wass easier :D) have done very good job and also with the video.

Počúvajte vokály tej baby!Milujem to.A Totally Enourmous Extinct Dinosaurs(trochen tažký názov na zapametanie,nie?No Lady Gaga je určite tahšie),urobili veľký kus práce so skladboou a tak aj s videom.

Greatest Old Time House Songs from 1990-2004

Here I choosed all memorable songs,from time of my childhood,and I think that you know them very well.May you know all the songs,maybe you heard this in radio a long time ago and you didn’t know what is the name of song.Hope this is complete. :)

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