The Songs of this Day

Poznáte to, keď sa niekedy hráte na to ako Vás filmuje kamera a zrazu vo Vašej hlave hrá soundtrack? Ja sa tak zabávam každý jeden deň. Dneska som počúvala fajn hudbu, tak sa s Vami o ňu podelím aspoň takto (pokial si nezaložím lounge bar, haha) Tak koťátka, toto je soundtrack môjho života

Do you know it, when you act like you are being filmed by a camera and suddenly there is totally soundtrack of that moment in your head? I am plaaying this game every single day. Today I’ve been listening to really fine music and I’ve decided to share it at least this way. ( Till I set up my own lounge bar) So kittens, this is soundtrack of my life.

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Greatest Old Time House Songs from 1990-2004

Here I choosed all memorable songs,from time of my childhood,and I think that you know them very well.May you know all the songs,maybe you heard this in radio a long time ago and you didn’t know what is the name of song.Hope this is complete. :)

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